Workplace Health Safety (WHS) Management Solution

About Air Maestro

Are you looking for a complete WHS solution? Look no further than Air Maestro.

Used by leading providers in aviation, transport, health, medical sectors and more. Air Maestro is an online, cloud-based and highly customisable WHS solution suitable for all operations.

The team at Avinet have designed Air Maestro with the user in mind. We understand that every operation is different and allow for custom fields to be used in a variety of different modules. Our responsive reporting dashboard gives administrative users both a quick or comprehensive view of reported incidents to identify trends and manage their associated risks.


Safety Culture

Air Maestro assists in promoting safety culture to all employees by developing our solution to be as easy as possible for users to perform tasks such as lodging incidents, tracking risks & hazards or running reports and dashboards to determine trends. Our simple to use interface with flexible accessibility allows users to perform these tasks anytime, anywhere.

Highly Customisable

Unique to other WHS Applications, Air Maestro is completely customisable and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Our custom fields functionality is available across multiple modules such as safety reports, audits, forms and the hazard and risk register.

Cloud Based

Our online WHS tools provide instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Sensitive and critical data is centralised and accessed securely from any modern internet browser, anywhere in the world at any time. A dedicated safety and incident reporting app allow users to lodge incidents on both iOS and Android devices regardless of internet connectivity with functionality to sync the report once internet connectivity is regained.

Modules Included



Plan, schedule and manage all internal and third party audits in a centralised system, including the assignment and tracking of corrective actions.

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Identify and analyse the hazards within the organisation and manage the associated risks and controls. Create task profiles for core company tasks, linking identified risks and hazards.

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Track events from incident to resolution with customisable risk-based safety reports. Interactive investigation forums allow the involvement of all authorised employees.

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Set up custom reports to return pertinent safety data. Includes predefined reports which provide an overview of the safety reports in an organisation by category, year and status.

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Create a visual representation of safety reports in graph and report format using interactive dashboards which allow for advanced analysis of reports by risk level, type and cause category.



Store all organisational documentation in a secure library, enabling controlled distribution to employees, including the ability to monitor the receipt and opening of documents.

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Analyse and track trends on safety reports. Create customised reports and filtered data for various modules.

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Capture unique information based on organisational requirements across multiple modules such as safety reports and forms.



Create customisable online forms ranging from response plans, safety meeting minutes and induction checklists. Establish access controls and sign-offs for each form type.

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Track upcoming expiry dates for training and qualifications with automated reminders of approaching expiries. Design custom check forms to update relevant training items during assessments.



Track employee working times with custom timesheets and monitor employee fatigue in the rostering and timesheet modules with internationally recognised fatigue risk models. Create comprehensive reports on timesheet info for payroll.



Create training courses based on multiple lessons/check forms. Keep employees up to date on company standards by assigning mandatory and optional lessons as a part of each course. Create/distribute online exams for compliance or training.



Compare between planned and actual rosters with roster and timesheet integration, versioning and alerting capabilities.

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Monitor employee fatigue in the rostering and timesheets modules with internationally recognised fatigue risk models FAID® and Prior Sleep Wake Model.

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Unlimited Support

A dedicated helpdesk team that provides first-class customer service from enquiry to resolution.

Online Training Videos

Step-by-step video guides, uploaded to our Vimeo channel allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Knowledge Base

 Our comprehensive knowledge base includes step-by-step guides on every module in Air Maestro.

Ideas Portal

A portal designed for users to log new ideas and requests for Air Maestro.


Tailored training sessions available both online or face-to-face at your office or ours.

Cloud Based

Air Maestro is hosted in AWS regions including Oregon (USA), Ireland and Sydney (Australia). The most appropriate hosting location is selected based on your location for best speed and accessibility.


Your data is protected by security measures that restrict access from anyone who does not have a user profile on your system with the correct level of access to the data concerned.


Single Sign-On (SSO) integration feature using SAML technology. Enabling client logins to be linked to external directories such as Office 365, Okta or OneLogin, either hosted on premise or in the cloud.


Software updates are applied automatically and in most cases with little or no downtime required. Updates that require downtime can generally be completed within approximately 30 minutes and be completed at a time that is convenient to you.

Permissions Management

Permission Management set through two-tier user access levels allow you to control exactly what certain personnel can view or modify. Create access templates to quickly assign permission controls to specific users.

Responsive Design

Designed to dynamically scale to suit any screen, Air Maestro will configure itself to resize and display optimally whether you’re viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Email/SMS Alerting

Air Maestro features both email and SMS alerts.  Ensuring the right people are alerted as soon as soon as an incident is lodged.

Scheduled Reports

Our global reporting module allows you to build and automate scheduled reports on all modules in Air Maestro. Build and schedule the report to be emailed to you whenever you need.

Customisable Fields

All operations are different, so why use standard templates or forms? Air Maestro allows you to create completely customised forms, allowing you to capture all required data with a variety of different control types.

Offline Functionality

No internet? No problem. Our mobile app allows users to lod incident reports without internet connectivity and have it sync back to Air Maestro when connectivity is regained.

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