The Air Maestro Version 3.2 release is underway and currently being rolled out to clients. As part of this new release, Avinet is pleased to announce a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration feature using SAML technology.

This new integration enables Air Maestro client logins to be linked to an external directory such as Office 365, Okta or OneLogin to name a few and either hosted at an operation’s premises or in the cloud. Single Sign-On technology works when the requester site and provider site exchange keys or signatures to verify the identity.

The benefits of Single Sign-On technology include enhanced security by supporting multi-factor authentication if enabled on an operation’s directory. It also means that clients will no longer be required to remember a separate password for Air Maestro. For clients required to change their main password on a regular basis, Avinet will endeavour to keep Air Maestro and new technologies up to date.

For larger organisations, when an employee leaves the company, administrators can disable the user’s Air Maestro login simply by disabling their primary account. Provided an operation has a screen locking policy, Air Maestro can be configured so that a user does not have to log in at all.

Should you be interested in setting up Single Sign-On technology for your operation, we would be pleased to work on implementing this with your IT department. Please contact us at for more information.