At Avinet, we have a commitment to work with our customers to meet operational and safety management requirements from today and in the long term. Avinet will provide a dedicated project manager and project team to work closely with our customers during the implementation of the Maestro system. Training can be conducted online or offsite (at our Head Office). We are also more than happy to carry out training onsite as required.

Depending on user numbers and Functionality chosen, training days included commence at a minimum of 1.5 days.


We understand many operators are often time poor, and consequently coordinating training can often prove difficult for all those involved. The Avinet support team is able to provide training online over the Internet to individuals or groups.  This training can be performed simultaneously to personnel located in various locations making it easier and more cost effective for operators.

Online training can be performed in short sessions (ie. 1 hour) to half day sessions as required.  These can be scheduled at convenient times with an electronic appointment sent to participants. Our training team work closely with you to tailor the training sessions and assist with preparing your computer to receive training over the Internet.

Avinet utilise GoTo Meeting technology designed for training which allows us to share our screen and speak over the Internet to training participants. You will need to be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.


Sometimes it may be more suitable to perform onsite training of personnel due to the nature of the business and personnel. For customers who prefer face-to-face training, onsite training is certainly available.

Avinet can perform onsite training at our customer’s premises or can facilitate training at our Avinet offices, our partner’s office or other suitable locations.

An additional cost for travel, accommodation and reasonable living expenses is charged for onsite training.  Normally the training time required for onsite training is included in the establishment fee, however should additional training be requested, an additional fee may be charged.


  • Travel and accommodation costs for Training
  • Support for other systems outside the scope of this project. These services can be arranged at an additional cost
  • End User training beyond the implementation stage
  • Annual Avinet Conference (with training days)

Additional Costs

  • Additional End User Training is charged at AUD$1,200 per day or AUD$130 per hour excl. GST (excluding travel and accommodation)