Our products have been designed and are priced appropriately for small domestic to large international operators and the pricing starts from 5 users upward to well over 1,000+ users.

The pricing of our products is based on an establishment fee which covers the initial system setup, hosting configuration and personnel training. An ongoing fee covering support, hosting and system enhancements is then paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

The pricing model for our products has been designed to be competitive and attractive and allows operators to implement all modules within the system or just the Operational (Ops) or Safety Management (SMS) Modules.

Should you be interested in a quote, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly. Please fill in all the required fields so that we are able to provide you with an accurate quote. Please note that pricing will be provided in $AUD. If you require a customised quote for more than 50 users or a quote in an alternate currency, please let us know in the message section below.

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Operational Features

Flight and Duty TimesheetsRecency Check Forms
Roster ManagementFlight Record Management
Leave ManagementReporting
Pilot & Crew Log BooksTask/Flight Scheduling
Recency/Currency ManagementTraining – Online Exams
Work Practice Management (FTL Rules)FAID® Fatigue Risk Assessment
Operational Risk AssessmentAircraft Maintenance Alerts

Safety Features

Safety/Incident ReportingIncident/Occurrence Safety Reporting
Hazard/Risk RegisterAudit Management

Shared Features

Aircraft RegisterLocation Register
Document LibraryPersonnel Management
Integrated Alert System (Email and SMS)