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March 2015
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From the CEO

authorWelcome to our Avinet newsletter.

It has been a busy few months and not just for the Avinet team but for the entire aviation industry. Featured below are some of the prevalent topics that are worth a mention:

Fifth Consecutive Heli-Expo
Aleks and I were joined by Phil Wu a couple of weeks ago in Orlando for one of the largest rotary events worldwide. It was great to catch up with our customers, as well as present Air Maestro to new opportunities while continuing on from the success of the last 4 Avinet has attended. More details below.

10th Year Anniversary Celebrations
At the Conference, Avinet presented some of our long-standing customers with an award to celebrate the company's 10th Year Anniversary, and to show appreciation for their contribution. Stay tuned to see how you can join in on our celebrations throughout the year.

CASA Meeting
In February, Avinet's Josh Miller and Rob Stachowiak attended a meeting with CASA in Melbourne to address planned changes to the CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013 rules. The meeting gave us the ability to ask questions about the interpretations of the rules and how we envisage to develop them in our system. The meeting was very beneficial for Avinet as it allowed us to have a good understanding of the proposed changes, and we can conclude that almost all of the proposed changes will not require further development from Avinet due to recent Air Maestro developments which can cater for the changes.

Avinet Farewell
We say goodbye to Systems Analyst Robert Stachowiak who has contributed to many Air Maestro developments over the last 8 months including his work on the Dashboards feature. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors.

I hope that you find value in the information provided in this newsletter and should you like further information on Air Maestro please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mike Mulvihill | CEO


NewsNew Development Team
Some of you may already be aware that Avinet now has its own Development Team. Matt Botting officially migrated to the team at the beginning of the year as Software Development Manager, and then in only a few months following this we have added two more developers. Having a dedicated development team means that customers will see more improvements to the Air Maestro application throughout the year.

Honouring our long-term employees
In celebration of their long-term service with Avinet, Matt Botting and Karin Hollands were presented with an award in appreciation of the invaluable work they have contributed to the company. Karin and Matt have been working with Avinet for the past ten/eleven years respectively.


eventsAir Maestro User Conference, Adelaide, Australia 11-12 February 2015
Our User Conference was held at The Playford Hotel Adelaide in February to bring together customers, key industry members and Avinet staff. It was great to meet with some of our clients and to be given the chance to hear their feedback on the current Air Maestro system and the expectations they have for any future developments. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Australian Conference!

Heli-Expo 2015, Orlando, Florida 2-5 March 2015
Avinet's Aleks, Mike and Phil attended one of the most exciting Expo's yet. The team caught up with many international customers and also presented Air Maestro to many new US and Canadian opportunities. The team also gave away an Australian pack (including the koala pictured below) in our infamous Business Card Draw. The prize was a real hit with delegates, but ultimately the draw was won by Dave Schwartzenberger from HNZ. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by our booth!

Upcoming Events

Aviation Leadership Summit, Queenstown NZ, 29 June - 3 July 2015
Following on from the success of last year's Summit, AAA and AAAA have joined forces again to celebrate the ANZAC tradition - 100 years of Aerial Agricultural Aviation Together. Mike Mulvihill will likely exhibit with newcomer Aleksandar Krstic. 

African Air Maestro User Conference, South Africa, October 2015
Avinet and African Alliance Partner Cairn Aviation will host the second African User Conference likely in October this year. The conference provides an opportunity for leading aviation professionals to come together in a unique environment to discuss key safety and operational issues. We are currently in the process of garnering interest from Civil Aviation Inspectors, auditors, current clients as well as prospective clients. More details and an official invite should be sent in the coming weeks. If you have a genuine interest in attending, please contact Rob Daneel here.

Alliance Partner

authorCairn Aviation
Cairn’s mission is to facilitate the implementation of sustainable business models in commercial aviation, thereby striving for our vision of an industry that ceases to contribute to environmental degradation, and proactively seeks to remedy damage done in the past, thus ensuring its own survival and, ultimately, the survival of the human species.

In conjunction with our international network of partners and associates, Cairn offers practical solutions that strive to eliminate the environmental footprint of our clients’ operations, whilst simultaneously introducing management models that realise greater revenue, reduced expenditure and an increased bottom line!


Now that the Air Maestro 2.12 release has been rolled out to all clients, the development team has been working on incremental updates to this release as well as developing items for 2.13, available later in the year.

Some of the minor improvements to 2.12 that we have been working on include:

- Ability to export global reports into CSV format in addition to PDF, Word and Excel

- The quick find tool now remembers your last search, rather than defaulting to aircraft

- Bugfixes such as intermittent page crashing when using Google Chrome with a zoom applied

A major focus of the 2.13 release is roster publishing; we are currently working on making a few improvements to the roster in preparation for this such as being able to roster the work practice composite settings that were added to the Air Maestro timesheets in the 2.12 release.


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In the media

'Avinet: Fifth Consecutive HAI HELI-EXPO' - HAI Rotor News Online


Webinar Dates




Air Maestro Global Reporting Thurs, April 2, 2015 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ACDT Register Now
Air Maestro Global Reporting Tues, April 15, 2015 2PM - 3PM ACST Register Now

Air Maestro Global Reporting

Wed, April 22, 2015 5.30PM - 6.30PM ACST

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In addition to this, we are always looking for new topic suggestions for upcoming webinars. To submit your topic, please go to your Air Maestro site and click Help > Video Help and scroll down to the Training Video Topic Suggestions box and click 'Request'.

If you have any additional questions, please email the Helpdesk at


New Faces at Avinet

Daniel Emery

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) from the University of Adelaide in 2013 and has since been working on real-time web applications for both desktop and mobile devices. He hopes to apply his knowledge of new technologies to make Air Maestro a better product. Outside of work, Daniel is a keen volleyball player and loves travel, snow-skiing and water-skiing.

Aleksandar Krstic

Alex joined the Avinet team at the end of January as a Customer Support Analyst. He has an Advanced Diploma in IT (Network Security) and has previously held the role of IT hardware and software technician in the Airborne LiDAR industry. He has experience working in multiple areas of IT within hydrographic survey, defence, government and oil/gas/petroleum environments. When he is not working, he plays Soccer, watches AFL and dabbles in Music Production.


"Thanks for all the effort. Your after sales support and ability to provide information sets a very high benchmark that no other organisation is able to match. Congratulations".

- Scott Tully
Safety Manager
Revesco Aviation

"Having been away from the system for a few years, it was very pleasing to see the level of growth and development that has occured. Keep at it!".

- Peter Heath

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Did you know?

Please see below for some interesting facts about Air Maestro that you may not be aware of:

1. Did you know that you can create a task in the scheduler based off sunrise and sunset times for that day?

2. Did you know that the ‘Print’ option in Air Maestro generates a printer friendly version of the page you are viewing?

3. Did you know that you can manually hide a recency item for personnel using the Alter Status option on their recency page?

4. Did you know that you can revise a document in the Document Library and retain the old version of the document on the system in Document History

Please click 'Read More' to view more of Air Maestro's capablities.

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