Allow Air Maestro to manage your RPAS/drone operations with our online cloud-based solution. Choose from either our tailored operations and safety suite options, or package both together for full functionality.


Integrated Safety and Operation modules in one system providing comprehensive functionality for commercial RPA operators.


Air Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It allows for sensitive and critical data to be centralised and accessed securely.


Developed for aviation operations and utilised in over 40 countries to manage Safety and Compliance for commercial Aviation operators.

 Key RPAS Features

• Air Maestro will assist you to maintain regulatory compliance with Part 101 RPAS requirements.

• Perform Risk Assessments which calculates the risk for the operational activities within Air Maestro (e.g. VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS).

• Perform Audits and Safety Incident Reporting customised for RPAS operations.

• Customise data capture through our flight record module with customised fields allowing you capture and report on only the data required.

• Comprehensive document management system with alerting and compliance management.

• Capture both RePL and CPL flight hours in Air Maestro. Track Remote Pilots and Commercial Pilots separately for existing AOC operators.

• Track all your recency/currency requirements for pilots, crew, RPA/drones and company with reminders and alerts for approaching expiries.

• Automatically update competency items when the associated RPAS check form has been completed successfully, with reciprocal link between the check form and the recency item.

• Create customised reports to ensure you remain compliant and make well informed decisions based upon reported results.

 • Identify and analyse hazards such as near misses or incidental impact. Manage the associated risks and controls in a consolidated Hazard and Risk Register.

• Create customisable risk-based safety report forms to electronically capture information relating to incidents, accidents and hazards. Track events from incident to resolution with customisable risk-based safety reports.

• Interactive investigation and analysis forums allow the involvement of all authorised personnel, should the reported event require further analysis.

• Distribute the findings of all safety reports to all required personnel, facilitating an open safety culture in the organisation.

• Perform advanced analysis of your safety reports, using interactive dashboards, allowing the analysis of reports, by risk level, type, cause category interactively.

Available on Desktop & Mobile Devices