As Avinet continue to diversify the Maestro product range and allocate more resources to managing the fast-paced RPAS/drones industry, the team will attend their first ‘RPAS in Australian Skies’ Conference in Canberra during the 17-18 July.

The event, organised by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), is an important opportunity to raise awareness on the safe integration of RPAS into the Australian Airspace.

As a growing sector in the industry, Avinet has been enhancing Air Maestro to fit the requirements for RPAS/Drone operators and current Air Maestro AOC customers who are expanding operations in the RPAS space. The team will continue to extend the RPAS capabilities in future releases as the sector quickly expands its service offering.

Currently, Air Maestro’s integrated safety and operational modules provide comprehensive functionality for commercial RPAS operators to help achieve Part 101 RPAS compliance and expand on the safety incident reporting and risk management. Air Maestro enables RPAS operators to achieve improved safety, efficiency and compliance with integrated features supporting: flight and duty tracking, RPA/UAV maintenance tracking, safety management and reporting, risk assessments, customisable reports and forms and the tracking of recency/competency requirements.

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