Over the 26-30 November, Avinet Software Development Manager Matthew Botting ¬†attended the 2018 AWS re:Invent¬†conference to stay informed on emerging technologies and enhancements to further streamline Avinet’s aviation software Air Maestro.

Matthew joined over 43,000 attendees at the conference and participated in hands-on learning opportunities such as insightful technical workshops, the challenging hackathon program and small group sessions with an AWS expert. Matthew also attended a number of keynote discussions including a presentation from AWS CEO Andy Jassy who spoke about new enterprise services for coders and IT Managers.

As Avinet’s primary infrastructure service, the annual AWS re:Invent by Amazon Web Services will be a permanent fixture on the event calendar to ensure Avinet continues to provide clients with an up to date product using the latest in technologies.

Should you require further information about our hosting infrastructure, please email us at help@avinet.com.au.