The highly anticipated Air Maestro Version 2.14 release is finally here and we are particularly proud of the new features available. Some of the new key features include:

Engineering Endorsements – This new module will assist in electronically tracking the license of an Engineer. This module is a complete rewrite of the old area and is now customisable and adaptable to each operator’s requirements. Information such as Licence Number, Licence Type(s) and Endorsed Categories can now be captured within the personnel Engineer Endorsements page.

Forms Module – This module will allow operators to create custom forms and custom field tabs similar to the Safety Reporting module in Air Maestro. Operators can set up multiple form types that can be submitted by users and go through a sign-off process if required. Form instances will be stored in a Forms Register and can be accessed at any time. Additionally, Access Levels can be set up to allow the operator to control who can view, modify, delete and lodge each form type.

Alerts – Interface of the initial Alerts screen has been visually improved. Additionally, an Allow Category Acknowledgement setting has been added, which when enabled, will allow users to bulk acknowledge all alerts within that category by ticking the one checkbox for that row. You can enable this via Manage > Setup > Alerts. A Snooze Limit setting has been added for Manual Alerts so that when enabled, a default Snooze Limit for all Manual Alerts can be set.

Audit Dashboard– A new module that assists operators to examine the data that is captured within the Audit module. It will allow the user to identify Audit trends when analysing Audit stats. The new module features a variety of new charts and graphs that are updated in real-time based on filters specified by the user. Some of the featured widgets include: Audits by Audit Status, Audits by Checklist, Audits by Hazard Area and an Audit Summary Grid. The Audit Dashboards are located under Safety > Audit Reports > Audit Dashboards.

Custom Fields – New Calculated Field Functions have been added to the Calculated Field control. Additionally, Label Width of each custom field can now be specified within the field itself instead of inheriting the value from the group it is contained with.

PDF Viewer – A new PDF Viewer has been added in the Document Library module that now works across all browsers. The PDF Viewer also allows users to restrict the printing and saving of PDF Documents and can be enabled per folder within the Library.

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