Having a dedicated system has vastly improved our operational efficiency. Because it’s a web-based application, I can access the system from just about anywhere, which means it’s so much easier to retrieve and update operational information.

The Air Maestro® web interface is very intuitive, all our operational staff benefit from having secure access to the system, which has greatly improved our overall tracking and made critical operational alerts more readily available by both individuals and the management team

Overall, Air Maestro® has improved the visibility and distribution of operational information across all WRHS locations. If you add to that the extensive array of reporting options, it’s been an ideal addition to our services’ continued success.

Robert Jenkins

Safety Manager, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service (Hunter Region)

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the work the (Avinet) team have done to help establish our new system here at Surf Life Saving WA. It was a little intimidating initially but your fast response times and attention to detail are the reason we now have a robust management system.

Hamish Starr

Senior Base Pilot, Surf Life Saving - WA

Hey Avinet – thanks for making my job easier. We’ve just had a major audit and the auditors LOVED Air Maestro. It was clear, it was traceable, and it integrated our SMS and QA systems. Well done!

Ben Wyndham

Airspeed Aviation

As a contemporary police aviation unit with significant geographical challenges we require robust safety management and reporting systems accessible anytime, anywhere. Air Maestro does this.

Peter Scott

WA Police Air Wing

I just wanted to take some time to give some positive feedback.

I have had significant involvement in the use of Air Maestro and also liaison with the Avinet Help Desk team. My background is from high RPT operations in the airline industry (over 12 years) and I have come across several safety databases in my time and I am very (pleasantly) surprised with some of the ease and functionality of your system, appropriate to the size and complexity of our business.

The main feedback I have is how fantastic your support team have been in providing guidance on the use of the system as well as helping me further develop and tailor AM to meet Sharp Airlines’ needs. The turnaround time of the support was always within 24 hours, mostly within a few hours, and the friendliness and advice and time taken by the Avinet team has been phenomenal.

I am still in touch with colleagues across the aviation industry and I make a note to express how good your product and service is.

Sandy Rahman

General Manager Safety & Quality Assurance, Sharp Airlines

As the Administrator (for United Aero Helicopters) I like:
1. The fact that Air Maestro has become the “bad guy” when chasing pilots regarding their expired recency’s;
2. It reminds me when our company recency’s are due! Those Safety Meetings really sneak up on you!
3. No filing! Staff paperwork is kept up to date and online!

Melanie Moss

United Aero Helicopters

Avinet has provided Conair with a software solution that is perfect for our operation. The customer support has been excellent both during and after the implementation of Air Maestro. I would highly recommend Avinet to operators that require a software solution to manage their day-to-day regulatory requirements.

Mark Gallant

Chief Pilot, Conair - Aerial Firefighting

Simple to use, excellent SMS that is idiot proof to use and very very user friendly. Keeps us all on track. Flight and Duty system is great.

Jan Becker

Chief Executive Officer, Becker Helicopters

Air-Tec Global provides world-class aviation services often in difficult and challenging regions. Air-Tec’s clients range from Regional Airlines, Humanitarian Aid Agencies, Freight, Oil exploration support, Government and NGO Contracts. These are discerning clients who demand the best.

To manage our large fleet and personnel, Air-Tec has chosen Air Maestro. Air Maestro has proved to be invaluable during our various audits and reviews, it exceeds both customer and regulatory requirements through our commitment to aviation safety and quality standards. 

This would not have been possible without the various functionalities (modules) that Air-Maestro offers.  Air-Tec makes use of nearly every module that Air Maestro has to offer, ranging from FDP, SMS, Quality, Exams, and Operations, etc. allowing us to manage aircraft and crew that are located all around the world in different time zones. 

Air Maestro is a cost-effective solution to manage safety and offers a professional helpdesk. Queries, tasks, and requests are resolved in a timely manner.


Chris Starke

Air-Tec Global

I would like to take this opportunity to say the quality of service offered by Avinet has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and every staff member I have had the pleasure of dealing with has been courteous, polite and reliable. I have no problem recommending your company or the Air Maestro software. You take every suggestion we make and either implement it immediately or take it into consideration for upcoming releases. Thank you for all your assistance thus far.

Dawn Urban

Operations Assistant, Valhalla Helicopters

Thanks for all the effort. Your after sales support and ability to provide information sets a very high benchmark that no other organisation is able to match. Congratulations!

Scott Tully

Safety Manager, Revesco Aviation

Air Maestro has provided our company with an all encompassing system for our operations. The system is secure, accessible for all staff, user friendly and constantly evolving in line with industry demand. Above all, our company is impressed with the level of support provided by Air Maestro staff.

Jason Davies

Whitsunday Helicopters

As Chief Pilot, I couldn’t get by without it! Even when I’m not sure, the answer is always just minutes away! Thanks Air Maestro!

Greg Clynick

Chief Pilot/Manager, AustAir Jet Services

The Avinet Team are always so helpful, supportive, and of course knowledgeable in every aspect of the Air Maestro program. The program itself captures the essence of our operations with the ability to track and report on a wide range of data. Such a pleasure to deal with the friendly team at Avinet!

Carol Hill

Safety & Compliance Officer, LifeFlight Australia

As Office Manager and HR Manager for Skywork Helicopters, I find Air Maestro a very valuable business tool.

1. It is user friendly, easy to add new employees, all their details are in an easy to read layout, their information is just one click away.

2. The reports that Air Maestro generate are fantastic for payroll, employee reviews, annual leave entitlements the list is endless and so useful. Someone else has already mentioned it is invaluable at Audit times and whoever the Auditors are they go away really impressed with the system and what it has to offer to our business.

3. The support team is very knowledgeable and prompt with their response to your request for help, whether by email or over the phone they are always very helpful and usually have a solution within minutes.

Thank you Avinet!

Nicky Stevenson & Brenda Walton

Skywork Helicopters

Air Maestro has proved to be a reliable platform to monitor our company recency items and keep us compliant.

Marty Peters

Operations Manager, Wagga Air Centre

There’s no question it’s as important to demonstrate you have robust systems in place as it is to show a good operational record. Safety and compliance is the backbone of our business and one that we have built a growing customer base and enviable reputation upon. It’s a reputation we fiercely want, and will look to protect with tools like Air Maestro.

Glenn Stevenson

General Manager, Skywork Helicopters

Air Maestro has been an excellent way to not only keep track of my duty time, but my flight time as well! It offers effortless tracking algorithms that both the pilots and the maintenance teams can use to run a more efficient operation. Once it’s been setup, minimal management is required. I would definitely recommend to another client or business!

Steven Gubersky

Helicopter Pilot, Synergy Aviation

For almost a decade, Air Maestro has been an integral part of Heli Malongo’s aviation operation in Angola. We have used it extensively for flight and duty management as well as for our safety (SMS) system, both on the fixed wing and rotary wing sides.

We are proud to have been one of the first OGP operators in the region to have moved into an almost entirely paperless environment and brought all departments into the online space. The support from the Avinet team has been outstanding from day one and the system has continued to evolve and grow with our needs.

The flexibility and adaptability of the system has been one of it’s strongest features in a sector which has been constantly challenged in recent times to remain both cost effective and safety oriented.

Rohan Bennie

Heli Malongo

The team are proactive and clever at it, the software is dynamic and customisable and the processes are consistently logical. Air Maestro has provided the platform our Quality systems and Operational processes were begging for and as we continue to migrate our paper based systems into it we find more and more useful processes and aspects to the software. I look forward to the concurrent development of our respective organisations. Thanks guys!

Daniel Marris

Amuri Helicopters

Air Maestro continues to both surprise and thrill us with its efficiency, capabilities and cost savings and it massively assists with regulatory compliance. It has brought our dispersed bases within immediate reach, and the Help Desk staff are outstanding; unfailingly helpful, polite & friendly. System integration and reporting is excellent.

Rob Alexandra

Administrator, Check Pilot (Ret.), RFDS - QLD Section

Air Maestro has proven to save time and expense, has a user friendly interface, pleases our auditors and is widely considered a high industry benchmark.

James Harris

Jayrow Helicopters

Air Maestro benefits us with the provision of a vastly improved and structured approach to safely and effectively manage and monitor Air Section operations.

Phillip Agg

NT Police - Air Wing

Air Maestro is a pivotal tool for our company to effectively manage our safety information. It has helped us streamline our processes and allows us to have quick access to simple understandable data. The support team is outstanding, even from abroad.

Katrina Witney

Quality Manager, Nelson Aviation College

Air Maestro is always getting better and the Avinet team is always ready to assist whenever required. I couldn’t imagine not having it!

Dougal McQuie

Goldfields Air Services

Air Maestro has enabled Heli Malongo to consolidate critical flight crew data into one system, with the ability to customize reports and automatically trigger individual training alarms, as necessary.

Lou D'Elia

Heli Malongo

Air Maestro has streamlined our operations with efficiency and compliance monitoring. Productivity has increased with easy, step by step task orientated steps producing effective results and reports.

Johan Du Plessis

Quality Assurance Manager, Air-Tec

Air Maestro has provided a program that has condensed a number of systems into one single system (one stop shopping).

Gary Oldman

IT Manager, RFDS - South East section

Avinet Air Maestro has provided our company with an exceptional advantage in regards to securing government and private aerial application contracts and in particular with the accompanying system audits.  Our confidence as a group has soared as management is assured we are meeting all relevant integrated management system criteria (safety and quality assurance).

Fiona Hill

Precision Aerial Meandarra

We chose Air Maestro to replace our previous Aviation Management System – a system we tried to develop on our own which came with great difficulty and cost.

Air Maestro gave us the most complete solution for our Flight Operations Department. Air Maestro has many different modules to suit your needs. We have found great value in the Timesheets Module, which manages Flight and Duty on a real-time basis and has helped improve our Safety Management Systems. When duty times are exceeded, our management team is notified immediately making problem-solving a lot more efficient.

Another module that has proved to be of great benefit is the Scheduling Module. Our Base-Coordinators make use of this module to schedule crew on base. When scheduling crew it notifies Base-Co of any recency or flight and duty exceedances which again has improved our overall Safety Culture. The helpdesk is always patient and willing to help with our queries. Thank you Air Maestro Team.

Sarah Smith

Starlite Aviation Operations