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At Avinet, we believe in taking every opportunity we can to increase global awareness of our products to benefit the safety and operational environment of any organisation; enter our Alliance Partners.

We consider our Alliance Partners the fundamental key to our success and growth and believe they make all the difference in our development. Becoming an Alliance Partner of Avinet is a challenging, but rewarding way of improving the safety, efficiency and compliance of organisations across the globe.

Avinet has various Allliance Partners located in the US, UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Canada. If you are passionate about improving the safety and operational environment of organisations and would like to become an Avinet Partner, you can contact us at

Partner Levels

To become one of our Avinet Partners, it is important that you can provide appropriate services to our customers. We have established 2 Alliance Partners Levels to provide flexibility and appropriate benefits:

Alliance Partners


  • Access to Leads from Avinet
  • Sales & Demonstration Support
  • Access to Air Maestro demonstration sites
  • Marketing Support and Collateral
  • Ongoing Training
  • Tradeshow & Conference Opportunities
  • Access to Avinet Partner Logo and other branding
  • Receives commission on establishment & ongoing fee


  • Employs & maintains one (1) Certified Air Maestro Administrator
  • Ability to perform demonstrations
  • Ability to perform training for customers
  • Ability to perform 1st level support for customers
  • Established customer base
  • Industry recognised and relevant skills
Alliance Partners


  • Sales & Demonstration Support
  • Marketing Support and Collateral
  • Tradeshow & Conference Opportunities
  • Access to Avinet Partner Logo
  • Receives commission on establishment fee


  • Ability to organise demonstrations for customers
  • Industry recognised and relevant skills.

Cairn Aviation is an aviation management consultancy that services operators and organisations in sub-Saharan Africa. Cairn Aviation’s expertise lies in the realisation of operational control and effective risk management. Cairn facilitates an objective-based approach which is centred upon implementation or development strategies that, within the task-related restrictions of individual clients, ensure compliance with regulations and industry best practice. Cairn has partnered with Avinet as regards to the deployment, in Africa, of Air Maestro.

An indispensable tool in the achievement of management integrity, Air Maestro provides our clients with the capacity to optimise organisational safety, efficiency and quality.

Cairn Aviation

Interdynamics is an Australian-based software and supply chain simulation company with a global reach. Pioneers of the FAID® hours of work fatigue assessment tool, and leaders in the integration of FaidSafe® fatigue management elements in complex system environments.

The FAID® software is based on research done by The University of South Australia at the Centre for Sleep Research, and provides a method of objectively modelling the fatigue levels of staff, based on validated scientific knowledge.


Quality Safety Management is an aviation safety management and consulting business established in New Zealand with the stated goal of improving safety outcomes for all GA operators.
QSM recognises that Safety Management Systems can be complex and daunting to the operator and we offer expertise in operationalising Safety Management Systems using years of industry knowledge and advanced tools and software such as Air Maestro so that your organisation and its people are protected as far as practicable from poor safety outcomes.
We are excited to be allied with Avinet and Air Maestro having been personally involved with Air Maestro from very early in its development.


Clockwork Research, based in London, work with organisations of all sizes to develop effective solutions to manage the risks associated with human fatigue. The majority of Clockwork Research’s clients are located in safety-critical industries including aviation, petrochemicals and distribution, as well as those involving shift work and long working hours.

Clockwork Research help to manage the fatigue risk to which organisations and their employees are exposed. They identify the specific needs of each client and work with them to develop targeted, ongoing solutions to suit the size and scope of each operation.

Clockwork Research

Tracware Limited is a specialist software developer and systems implementer. Their aim is to be the world’s leading provider of affordable, high quality aviation MRO process control software.

Over the past decade they have worked closely with their clients to develop an expansive range of aviation MRO process control software products covering all aspects of the aviation MRO industry, including manufacture and parts distribution. Their customer-base is spread across the globe with sites in Europe, Australasia, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Tracware aviation MRO process control software applications reflect the team’s understanding of the needs of the industry and the complex processes within.


E-Flite Solutions Aviation Software has partnered with Avinet and its industry leading Air Maestro software.
E-Flite Solutions is available to work with Part 91/135 fixed wing and helicopter operators of all sizes, to develop effective solutions to manage FAA required pilot and mechanic recencies, e-logbooks and SMS modules associated with human fatigue. Your entire training/flight department can now be totally electronic with the ease, safety, and reliability that your flight department deserves, all at the tip of your fingers.

E-Flite Solutions

Integrated Safety Support works with clients in industries that include aviation, mining, emergency services, road transport, oil and gas, the military, rail and healthcare. A professional organisation, Integrated Safety Support provides assistance and expertise to help clients answer key fatigue-related questions such as how to develop a Fatigue Risk Management System and how to design rosters to reduce-fatigue related risk.

Integrated Safety Support

Since 1995 Shiftwork Services has been the foremost advisers in New Zealand for organisations that work around the clock. They provide an integrated fatigue risk management service and expertise to organisations that are faced with the unique challenges of the 24/7 workplace.

In addition to training, Shiftwork Services offers the following services:

  • Shiftworker Assistance Programme (providing one-to-one confidential advice on sleep and fatigue issues)
  • Testing of applicants for shift work suitability
  • Fatigue hazard analysis within your work environment
  • Roster and actual hours of work assessments using FAID®
  • Fatigue Risk Management Policy and Procedure development
  • Roster redesign, based on fatigue risk management principles

Shiftwork Services